A Sigh and a Deep Breath

Watching the Sunrise again.  It feels extrememly good to be able to enjoy it today.

Managed to get thru the first needs of this week.  Monday was the birthday party for my sweet TeaRose.  I don’t afford parties too often, but she really deserved some recognition for pulling thru Jr. High, right to the bitter end, and getting an A- average out of the deal. So I gave her a dozen invites to our local Peter Piper Pizza, (and she asked for a few more) to hand out at school before the last day… It went really really well.  She has found a group of kids that are a pure joy to be around– no drama, not even much loud chatter, just happy hearts and faces– lots of hugs and easy feelings.  In fact, I found out that a bunch of them started talking, and decided to pool their point tickets from the arcade games and gave it all to her to buy a birthday stash; and she, in turn, shared the stash with another.  Doesn’t get better than that!

Once that was over, I finally announced that we are going to go visit family this weekend for their Grandma’s anniversary. (I waited, cause I didn’t want to steal the thunder of TeaRose’s day)  Excitement exploded about as I expected  🙂  but it was good.  Packing time is super tight; but I managed all the laundry except one load yesterday– finishing that today.  Today, also,  I need to get all our bags packed (the kids are pretty good at this now, as long as I double check them);  get the van ready; make sure I get the gerbil to a babysitter 🙂 and get the pantry stocked.  Mark and Ryan will be flying home right away (next monday) to get Mark back to work- and I will stay a few days more with family and then drive myself and the rest of the kids home.  I’m mostly worried about my oldest- he hasn’t been feeling welll, and he is very claustrophobic.  He agreed to come because he loves his Grandparents, but I don’t expect an easy trip.  And I am feeling  a bit daunted by the kitchen, and the wish to leave it ready for the men while I am gone.  My panic levels got pretty high last night… but I know I’m choosing the right course, so I am going to just do my best, take a deep breath, and say a prayer from there.  (My sister has internet access, so I’ll let you know how it went.)

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2 thoughts on “A Sigh and a Deep Breath

  1. Sounds like a fun party. So great your daughter has found some nice friends. Have a good and safe trip!

  2. zPolarBear

    The Gerbil babysitter didn’t like ‘rodents’ but was a good sport; and, her kids absolutely love him. They fed him lots of lettuce and watched as he would hide in his ‘cave’ with it, then come out and ‘dance’ for them to beg for more!

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