It’s been good

So, Mr. Journal- I haven’t written for a while, I have been so tired in the recovery phase… but I’m getting my feet back under me, so I’m spending a few moments to catch up.

I went on that trip for Mom for their anniversary-  She needed it, but I think Dad needed it even more.  They so loved having us there!  And I loved it too, and so did my kids.   I also took the effort to think thru all the frustrations of other trips, and what I could do about it… Things I had wanted to do before, but didn’t… I still never made it to the Timpanogos temple- I think temple hoping is going to have to be a planned event with Mark-  but I did get to see some old friends, and I think that was an imprtant and valuable  choice.  So I feel good about it.

And I also made sure that we did a few things I had missed before– we had a picnic in the canyons, and went and Hiked to Timpanogos Cave, (I did manage to post some photos of these events)  as well as Mom’s dinner and photo session,

and helping out around the house.   It was so very heart satisfying, but we had to fly Mark home early for work, and that meant that the drive home was all on me.  Even stopping overnight in Panguitch,  it was a hard, hard drive.  I think I’m getting too old for the long haul. The first 5 hours seems to be ok- but  Saturday, with 7 hours in stiff cross wind the entire way, thru mountain driving  left me with 3 days of straight migraine recovery…
But now that I’ve moved thru 3 loads of dishes, several loads of laundry, fridge recovery shopping and getting the garbage out– I think I am starting to feel like I’ll get back on a normal sized pull.  And I have had time to remember some blessings.

One blessing, we noticed  as we pulled into out driveway at home.  We could smell, (and see the steam from) the van’s radiator;  it had not enjoyed the long down-hill run of several hours into the 112+ heat.  but it had never faltered or stumbled from over-heating — and I have to come to the conclusion that we had a whole lot of angels helping out.

And after we got home, I was able to move thru painting a back-drop for my R.S. Activity day, even tho I was still struggling with the headache.  Another near-invisible miracle unless you happen to be the recipient.

(pic. of the back-drop, thanks to a friend who sent it to me)

And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how incredibly good all 5 of my kids have been, both on the trip, and here at home while I recovered… I am truly grateful for the love they show me, especially when I know that it is hard on them to see their stability in life (Mom) having a hard day.

So, still have a lot to do; some of it normal stuff , some of it not- like getting DK geared for scout camp next week, and making sure Trek stuff is ready– and not forget to keep the Dr. stuff going, and gear up for school next year.    But I’d have to say,  the Lord has been with me, so it’s been very good.

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