Swimming thru Jello

an Arizona sunset from my house.

This has been a very hard week- I think the heat must be getting to me, only 115 outside.  🙂

tho there have been some fun moments… I signed my youngest up for a few violin lessons- she is mondo excited!

And I have had some true successes–

-I got the youngest registered into the local public school; I prefer the size and accessability of charters, but not only do they not know how to handle my HFA kids, they also just don’t have any provisions for the seriously advanced classes that this little one needs, and she wants the orchestra class with a passion… so I finally made the move.  bleah.  but I’m glad it’s done.

–Then, I sent my youngest son off to scout camp.  They don’t have any real training for kids like him, but the scout leader has been through my other boys and is pretty steady and calm, so I felt ok about it.  I had a long talk with my son about the fact that he would have to handle teasing and such for a whole week if he wanted to go, and he still was determined, so off he went.  It turned out pretty good– they called from camp only once–  🙂 and he was very proud of himself for sticking it out to the end.

–And I had some inspiration regarding my 2nd son’s schooling, looking into following that trail this week.

–Then I turned to getting my 2 teens ready for TREK  (a camp-out and adventure based on re-enacting the pioneers who came west pulling a handcart put on by our church)   I am not very worried for them either (maybe jealous,)  my 16 yr old son will do fine; he is so borderline, not a doctor in the world would diagnos him, but he only shuts down quietly so no-one notices but me- and my 14 yr old daughter, tho fairly obviously HFA, is so sweet and adored by all the leaders, that they have come to me several times already to let me know they will watch over her.  🙂  I also was able to help another lady with her pioneer clothes, and that helped a lot– I have been in some serious need of the heart strengthening and lifting that personal service projects bring me.

–I’m very grateful for these successes, ’cause I have been near panic in worry over my oldest… sometimes he seems to be doing better, and sometimes he nose-dives.  I have felt for a very long time, that at least for my kids particular presentation of Autism,  they do go thru the maturity stages– just later than normal– and that much of the stress that shuts an Autistic kid down comes from feeling forced to perform at a peer level that they are not ready for.  I still feel this way– my 14 yr old is actually playing pretend  by herself in her room. a stage she didn’t hit till last year, and reading books thru to the end (the cat “warrior” series that her little sister fell in love with a couple years ago)  And tho the issues my oldest is showing -is all the signs of going thru the teen-age years — it’s like watching it on a movie made of jello… it stretches and distorts in unpredictable ways, the growth processes is longer and the waves up and down are bigger than a regular kid- made much worse by his migraines.  It makes the processes of watching your child grow up very, VERY hard to watch.  He has even noticed it, and told me that he feels like he has forgotten so much since his migraines started, and he can’t remember the next 2 days after an episode at all.  Has anyone heard of any research on Migraines and Autism?  I don’t even know what kind of doctor to get hold of…I’ve tried Neurologists, but they don’t really have a clue, ’cause they don’t know anything about autism…. I need one who does both.   For the most part, I know someday we’ll get thru, it is just plain hard to keep going  meanwhile sometimes… like trying to swim thru jello and not drown.  House cleaning has ground down to near zero, I just can’t seem to forse myself to keep going.  Time to go back to thinking about the successes.   Better yet, I think I’ll find another service project.   Maybe it will be easier when the temps drop back down below 110.

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4 thoughts on “Swimming thru Jello

  1. Glad to hear that your kids are looking forward to Trek. I think it will be a great learning experience and lots of fun for all. I was pretty excited myself after the fireside Sunday night, and I won’t even be going. Try Dr. Melmed in Scottdale. He is an autism expert, one of the best so I have heard. I think his practice is called The Melmed Center. I gave you his phone number a while back, but you can just google it. He is well regarded and may be able to give you some insight. Let’s hope it cools down soon!

  2. Steph

    Swimming through jello is a great metaphor. I’ve been trying to figure out how to explain our boy’s situation – and you hit the nail on the head: “forced to perform at a peer level they aren’t ready for”. It’s so true. Thank you for your insight. BTW, our 17 year old daughter on the spectrum loves the Warrior books and has most if u want to borrow them! 🙂

  3. Thanks for the offer, Steph 🙂 but I have all the set, we collected them when my youngest marched thru them (she reads each new book in a single day, and has her own special bookshelf for them.)

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