What Sleep?


Still on the trail to my own health this summer– I finally went in for a “sleep study”… Talk about a misnomer.    But since I had avoided making the appointment once, canceled once, and rescheduled once- I decided I had better grapple with my fears and get it done, at least so I could check it off the list and move forward.

On one hand, the tape on my cheeks kept me from clenching my teeth, so the headache was less- on the other hand, the tiny electrode nubs they stuck all over in my hair hurt to lay on, so I never got very deeply asleep and kept waking up (can’t sleep in earrings either, Mark calls me the princess in the pea)– but on the other hand that kept me from getting so deeply asleep that my throat would collapse on me and shut off the air, good for my rest but bad for finding out what’s wrong….not to mention that it has no way to measure how much having autistic kids awake at all hours of the night and day affects the mix. (or the stress of worrying about them left home with their dad-took a long time to get to sleep)

So now that I’ve gotten home, and had a nap, I feel almost recovered from the “sleep” test.   Talk about the word “IRONY”.    I don’t think my sister or my oldest son would have been able to do it– they are both way more claustrophobic than I am.    But at least it’s done.  And it sure was nice to come out of the building this morning to see clouds!  Oh! it was like walking into a gift from heaven- even if it only dropped the temps 10 degrees, there is a big difference between 82 and 92!

So all in all , tho I know what is in store, I still think I am ready for today 🙂  🙂

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2 thoughts on “What Sleep?

  1. Steph

    ‘Tis true. Autism messes with the sleep in all of us. Hope you get some answers soon!

  2. Hope you can get some answers to help you. Dealing with all kinds of “motherhood” and “children” issues robs us of sleep. Maybe you can get some answers from the sleep study that will hep you get more restful sleep.

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