About Roller Coasters

Roller Coasters and life have a lot in common.   I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seems like life with Autistic kids is filled with more, and bigger ups and downs, and wondering if the safety bar is still attached.  😛  And this week has been a long one.

On the good side, My two teens got home from Trek.  They had an awesome time!  I had a lot of comments from the leaders about how well they handled it, but especially for my daughter, who is High Functioning, but definitely on the spectrum. They admitted to me that they didn’t think she would make it past the first day, and that they would be calling for me… but were totally blown away, both by her willingness to keep going without complaints, and the sheer strength hidden in her skinny frame.  I was not really surprised.  Not even when they said she did a lot of maturing on the trail.  Because it was  always there– HFA is not an indicator of no growth, or intelligence (in fact, she is very very smart)  it is just a measurement of social-skills ability… and pulling a handcart to understand your ancestors  better is very concrete and tangible, and the hard work makes everyone more focused on each others needs; all this enabled my beautiful girl to trust them, and open up- and allowed the leaders to see what I get to see.    A way, high, moment on the roller-coaster.  🙂    (I wish I could post a picture at this point– but my computer is in the shop, and tho I can post with my hubby’s computer, all my photos are on mine… I’ll post the pics when I can)

Another good point has been the fun I have been having with my kids, exploring recipes from other countries.  We are calling it “Summer Pirate School”; and we are moving from country to country via all the fun stuff you can learn on the internet.  I’m not doing it as well as I’d like- health gets in the way- but so far we have enjoyed Morocco and Egypt and Israel- and we’re rounding the corner of the Mediterranean.  I’ll post some of the kid-friendliest recipe successes.

On the other hand, most of my kids are starting to struggle with sleep… even my NT kiddos… tho’ I’m finding some success with Meletonin (otc brand “MidNite”) I sort of wish, half-heartedly, that it didn’t cost so much; but it’s a small thing.

Have to say, my deepest issue right now is knowing what to do to help my oldest.   His migraines are so hard to handle, ’cause they grind down on his thinking skills- he has told me that he has lost so much that he learned before this started, and that trying to move thru math in his head is literally painful right “here” (points to a specific spot)– and getting him to understand the need for following my advice to alleviate or at least mitigate the pain is near impossible sometimes when he is the most down physically and mentally- a real catch 22.  These are my lowest roller-coaster spots… especially when I’m tired myself.   It’s these moments that most remind me that I have only known about Autism, in all it’s spectrum wonder, since March of 2009– and that there is a great deal left to learn.   But I’m doing better emotionally- leaning hard on the Lord-  and remembering that faith is an action word. That evens out the roller coaster a bit– or at least secures the safety bar.  🙂

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One thought on “About Roller Coasters

  1. Glad to hear that your children liked Trek so much. I think it was a great experience for all. Hope you can get some answers for your oldest’s migraines.

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