Back to School Gratitudes

“End of Summer Break = Last week of freedom?”   very funny.

Trying to pull together all the loose ends for back-to-school this year has given me the shakes… I got one kid starting High School, one starting Jr High, one starting a new elementary (and violin), one working on getting into EVIT (our very nice High school Tech program) for 3D computer animation…   and that’s not even counting the up-coming IEP/504 work for the high school and Jr. High students,  or my oldest and his migraines and older-teenager-with-Autism issues.

–But I’ve only forgotten one back-to-school event this week, so not too bad.

Maybe I will breathe again next week when school actually begins, but probably it will take 2 more weeks for everything to settle.

BUT–I pause and remember……. (sorry for the poetry- I’m tired)

The wisest of all said that when your feeling down, be grateful.
When your struggles seem to crush you down to the ground, be grateful.
So lets see,

I’m grateful as I sit in the dark of the night
that I learned as a kid how to touch-type.
I’m grateful for advil to help with my head,
So I don’t have to take my “bitters” instead.

I’m grateful for AC, when the weather is Hot  (and here in Arizona, that’s more often than not)

All poetry aside,

I’m grateful, that even with all their struggles to understand the world, my kids are good- they love me and each other.  And they are finally old enough that I can take a long long shower, or leave them home to do back-to-school errands or shopping; and they can handle themselves and each other for a good couple of hours… and even when they  don’t feel well, they are not violent in their melt-downs.

I’m grateful that even with all my health struggles, I can still pick up my kids when they need me, or just want a hug (even the big ones) I can still focus enough to help with homework (although I’m going to have to do serious math brush-ups this year) and I’m still close enough to the spirit to be able have the right words come when they need it most.

I wish I knew how to get thru the rough spots of IEP red tape a bit better, and I wish I was a bit less lonely, a bit more healthy,  and a bit  better at my overcoming weaknesses- but my family never gives up on me- and for that I am truely grateful.

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2 thoughts on “Back to School Gratitudes

  1. A very touching post and a wonderful reminder that in every trial there is still much to be grateful for.

  2. zPolarBear

    Loved the poetry…and the picture too.

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