An Awesome Monday Morning!

I am amazed at how cared for I have felt today…

Mark  turned around and came home from work early this morning, and fixed my car’s radiator- so I was not wiped out from dealing with the 118 degree weather while running kiddies back and forth–  And then, with all the little ones off to school,  suddenly I had a morning all to myself!  That hasn’t happened in- oh- years!!!!  (since I puled my second boy out for home school)

What an invigorating feeling!  I actually enjoyed scrubbing the kids bathroom tub, just because I could- and I had the time to figure out plumbing; so I changed their shower-head to something more sensory-friendly.  (So proud of myself!)  And I even had a moment for a nap, and  still had it all together enough to push kids thru their homework.

Truly there are moments to watch for, when you can really feel the love of a watchful Father in the Heavens…  Thank You.


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2 thoughts on “An Awesome Monday Morning!

  1. Sounds like you had a great day. Hope tomorrow is even better!

  2. I’m so glad you had a good day and even with accomplishments! Trust me, I know how accomplished a successful plumbing fix can make you feel. You have a great family and a super husband, and I think you deserve them. You’re a great lady, my friend.

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