Standing in Awe


* God is in the Heavens.

* He understands and influences all of the matter and forces that make the vastness of the cosmos.

*He still took the time to watch and plan for the success of his purposes for the prophets and people during the Bible time period.

*Being a being of perfect truth, unchanging, he is still the same person now that he was then.

*That means he cares for us now, just as much as then, and is still smart enough to plan through all the events of our time.

*And being perfect, he makes no mistakes.

*That means that our bodies, our strengths, and also our weaknesses– were carefully thought out and crafted together to teach and bring about the strengthening of our hearts and souls; to bring us ever closer to our reuniting with him again.

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3 thoughts on “Standing in Awe

  1. I can’t find anything to argue with in all those statements. But I would like to add that even with all his knowledge and experience, he still has the love and patience to allow us to choose our own ways. If it were me, I would find that very frustrating. He must be a person of infinite patience which I find totally awe inspiring.

  2. You’re so right. Watching Agency in the process is very painful to my heart… So then we get to the incredibleness (is that a word?)
    of the Atonement. Thanks, I needed that today.

  3. zPolarBear

    Webster 1928:

    INCRED’IBLENESS, n. Incredibility, which see.

    You win again =)

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