Simple Joys for Saturday

Well, it’s the end of a really long, long week.  Kids have made it through all of their back-to-school activities, and hit real homework.  And to be honest, they’ve done very well, all things considered. Probably the hardest to handle has been temps this week, nearly 120 at the start of the week– it’s been hard on me, emotionally and physically, and probably part of the headache triggers for my youngest.

But bits and pieces keep me going… gorgeous clouds always help after the empty, hot steel-blue sky of July;  some successes along the way, like my shower fix; being able to chat to my friends late at night when I can’t sleep; and then an incredible sunset last night, to top it off.  I spent a really grand time with bare feet and the camera.  I am very grateful to the Lord today for the things that give me strength to keep going thru the rough spots.

So, even tho there are many things I still don’t have a clue about, and I don’t really expect next week to be different, today is the eye of the storm– and in it’s calm, I have been just relaxing and having fun with some of my favorite simple pleasures…  Sleeping in, and now, trying new cookie recipes.  Anybody want some? 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Simple Joys for Saturday

  1. Cookie? I like a cookie!
    I don’t know how you stand it. I wilt in 90 degree temps. I think 120 would kill me. May cool winds find you soon!

  2. zPolarBear

    ahhh…79 degrees this morning with a slight drizzle…felt sooo coool. =)

    (of course we’ll pay for it this afternoon with humidity, but it was worth it!)

  3. Truthfully, my favorite cookie is the charming snicker doodle. And I don’t think it’s only because of the name. 🙂 I love the texture and flavor of a good snicker doodle, and the name.

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