The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

What a week!

Last weekend,  My mom told me that they had to finish their job (remodel of a Chapel) in Texas by Tuesday, and then show up for meet-and-greet startup meetings on the next job on Thursday– in San Francisco.  I just knew in my heart that my dad could not drive that far, by himself, in 2 days… so I volunteered our family to help.  When they passed thru Arizona, I had him pick up my hubby, and I took my mom with me  in the van with my kids.  Course then I had to pack.

The Bad–

When I finally had the nerve to tell my boys- Ryan blew-up.  I told him that he needed to be calm and talk this out with me– and bless his heart, he did!  Turns out he absolutely could not take the thought of the claustrophobia of another road trip with his siblings, and pulls out the trump card that all 19 year olds think they hold;  “I’m old enough to take care of myself for 4 days, Mom.”    My heart is still not sure I’m up to this stage of my life!

But time waits for no Mom—many prayers, and a couple of blessings from the Lord later,   off we go.

The Good–

Well; I’m very proud of myself,  I drove the entire way up and over to San Francisco.  The other 4 kids came with (I told them they had no choice) and they handled the drive very well.  And I’m very grateful we were able to help my folks.   Dad made his meeting, and after a bit of sleep,  Friday was all ours!   I had sooooooo much fun!

Then Mark gave me the gift of something I’ve always dreamed of– stepping aboard a sailing ship!  This one has been turned into a museum, and that was totally fine by me- I got to be in learning and exploring mode right along with my kids!  🙂

Mark had a chance to have fun too– as we revisited spots from his youth (he grew up in the Bay Area) and found places he had never been able to find before, and shared the whole thing with our kids…

Then on down highway one to Half Moon Bay.  For me- the peace was incredible.  Friday afternoon on a huge, gorgeous beach- almost empty.   My heart did a lot of healing.  And as a mom, I had a lot of fun watching what the experience did for all my kids.   Brand soaked in the peace with me…

The girls were a matched set.  As the sound of the surf and the cold water brought out the full little kid, without any Autistic inhibitions in my TeaRose; and she was able to play with complete joy with her vivacious little sister.

Dk was another matter.  He stood for a long time on the brink between total peace with the sound of the waves, desire to try what his sisters were doing, and his ancient fear of water.  I’m pleased to say, the adventure won.  🙂

It was the perfect day- the kids loved it.  And it was totally worth all the ugly of trying to find a place to sleep after dark. (bleah!)

So, even tho tomorrow has to bring back reality,  I’m very glad for the Lord’s gift of this special spot in time.  🙂

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One thought on “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

  1. zPolarBear

    It’s funny, how there is so much sunshine in the children–that you don’t even notice the shadowy clouds…
    Peaceful and fun… 🙂

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