So it starts

Well- the time of the new school year has officially come for the Mother bear to have to stand strong again– time for the emails and more…

This is today’s–

“Could you please schedule a 504 meeting for me… there have been some specific needs come up that need to be addressed.  Among them, one, is  that only half of my daughter’s teachers have responded to my emails, and I need to know if the other half are too overwhelmed to take on the needs of my sweet daughter, or what.

Another is that she is becoming a bully victim at lunch, and I need to address her safety as well as abuse.

Today she was shoved around by a group of boys, and ended up with a keychain ornament stolen off her backpack.  While this may seem like a small theft to boys feeling their oats- it was her personal link to helping her with her Autistic needs- the loss was much more traumatic than outside appearances; and  I am in the process of writing an essay that I would like put into the next school newsletter; and I am exploring other possibilities as well.

If I need to contact a different person at the school, please let me know.”
So— if anyone even reads this– say some prayers for me, cause I need to be smart and strong this week.


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3 thoughts on “So it starts

  1. This post makes me tear up…so very sad when kids are bullied and mistreated. Believe me, we have been there in our family too. Be strong and remember that you are your child’s advocate. No one else will ever care about your child like you do, so do whatever needs to be done. Talk to the SRO at school (if there is one) and make a big deal of it so that admin. at the school figures out that you are not going to put up with the mistreatment of your child. You, and your daughter, will be in my prayers.

  2. A mom is a mom is a mom. (And this Mom is also a Special Ed Teacher.) Praying all has gone well.. continues to go well making school the joy it is intended.

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