Halloween Fun and Surprises

You know, I think some years were designed to make up for others.  Ward Trunk-or-Treat was such a success this year!  My engineer hubby helped me make a giant pumpkin out of our van- way cool.  And I was even handed a complete surprise when I won 3rd place in the chili contest!   (here I thought I was only bringing my own chili because I have a family full of sensory kids, who don’t like the hot spices that are so popular down here, and I wanted them to have something to eat too.) Funny huh?

And with all my kids old enough for the first time to let them take off on their own, it gave me the time and space to sit, hand out candy, and watch my kids and think.

There’s been a lot of buzz the last couple days about how to photo Autistic kids for church publications, so I took the time to look;  you know, to see if there were photographic moments.  Can YOU tell which ones have Autism by the photos?

This last photo shows it much better—-

Here you have my youngest- totally up to her knees in the fun and adventure of life, learning with a zest.   Her sister, HFA was also taking it all in with pleasure, but suddenly got distracted by something small on the beach, and brother,  also HFA, who stood in this spot almost an hour while he struggled within himself to overcome his fear of water before he won, and joined in the fun.

So, even though I could personally tell last night– I mean, I spotted my youngest boy wandering the trunks collecting candy alone, I noticed when the oldest left,  gave permission for the other older teen to ditch, and I saw that only my youngest was with a pile of girls– I still did not manage to figure out how to get photos of these things.  I may even have to get them to buy into the project and actually pose, for anything to come out that shows it effectively.

But musings aside, it was a great night.  Kudo’s to the activities committee, they did a great job!

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