The Day After

Wednesday Morning.

Yesterday was sureal- but not very much in a good way.   Started out early, with a regular school day morning, then a quick grab of all my paperwork, and head out the door with my oldest, to a doctor appointment.  The day had finally come for the long awaited-first time patient appointment for Ryan’s High-end Neurologist. (Down town Phoenix, of course) What a difference from the other headache doctors we’ve been seeing… one of those few times that I get to enjoy meeting someone smarter than me.  everything we mentioned seemed to go into his mental stack and find a clue we hadn’t thought of before.  ‘Course now I have a whole bunch of new words to learn.  😐

Then scout store pickup on the way home, and regular pick up kids after that, and then boys softball playoffs after that, and sneaking in homework around it all, I logged 75 miles on the van by the end of it all– and I have to admit that the elections were quite secondary for most of the day.  I was very glad that I had decided to try mail-in voting last week.

Today, I found out that I had missed some items on the award pin list for the cub scouts… everyone is totally stressed out over that mistake (“those poor boys have been waiting for their badges and pins that theyv’e earned”– the world is coming to an end!”)  (sorry 😦 ) and all my cousins are so sad over the election results that I find I need to stay off facebook today; I’m depressed enough already over my own ineptitudes.  I think being smart is also a bit like a hidden disability… when you make a mistake, people act as if it is earth-shattering, and get sooooo angry.  Sorry- if I was perfect, I wouldn’t still be here.   The best I can say, is my family still loves me anyway, and the atonement is still real… so I guess I have a lot to be grateful for, and THAT is a very good way to overshadow the post-election blues. 🙂

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