Gratitude- a photo journey

I’m grateful today for Memories,  For sunshine and blue sky.

For rain, and oceans in their place,  And a place for me to stay dry.

The thunder of a waterfall,   And a rose that’s sparked with dew.

I’m grateful that when planning the majesty,   He thought of the little things too.

I see His power in every storm,  But no less than in each new spring.

The stars all move at his command,  Yet He took time for butterfly’s wings.

I’m grateful for colors and rainbows,   birds that teach us to fly free.

It staggers my mind that all of these things  Were planned as just a place for our family tree.

I’m grateful for Christ and the love that he gave that with him, we may be.

And thanks for my family who went before…And the temples that keep us together.

For smiles, and tiny miracles,  and cherished hugs that help us endure.

For the amazing world around us,  Good friends to share our adventure,

And for the gift that this love and joy   Is made to last forever.

-by Shareen Halliday, November 2011


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One thought on “Gratitude- a photo journey

  1. zPolarBear

    The pictures of Rain and Ocean show a piece of the difference between NT and HF ASD children…
    One is Calm while knee deep in ocean, the other is struggling with ankle deep…
    One is out of the umbrella, lapping up the rain, whist the other snuggle tightly under safe cover…
    Thanks for the great pictures.

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