Needing An Overabundance of Good!

It seems like bad press just needs one person to swamp everyone’s memory of good.  Take the recent tragedy in the news.  No one wants to say there are good people and bad people in every sect, language, group, or category you can think of– they want someone to blame, and take the rap.

So I thought it was time for a little good to be remembered too.  Here’s a list I found of notably good people who also have Aspergers and High functioning Autism.

Asperger’s syndrome

High-functioning autism

High-functioning autism is an informal term, not an official diagnostic category. Compared to diagnostic criteria for the official ASDs, descriptions of HFA tend to align most closely with Asperger syndrome.

Autism spectrum

Further information: Autismautistic savant, and autism spectrum

(Found here, including the references -

And that’s not even counting the famous ones from history- so I looked them up too, although I’ll let others write about them, or post it later.

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3 thoughts on “Needing An Overabundance of Good!

  1. Thanks for the reminder to look for the good, even as we are overwhelmed with saddness.

  2. Debbie Lindman

    How great to see a list of good people. There are so many more of them out there! I needed that—Working in an elementary school brought the tragedy all the closer to home.

  3. Look for the Good. Look for the Helpers. Thank you.

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