Eye of the Storm

I’m not feeling very poetic or inspirational today… not even sure I am up to thinking straight.  It’s just been one of those sorts of days.  I am not entirely sure I’ll ever figure out all my health issues- Doctors still don’t know, and sometimes I’m not sure I want to bother stressing over it anymore.  Of course it could just be that invisible fatigue syndrome called multiple kids on the spectrum– nah.

But on the good side- Mark and I drove out to the airport to pick up our oldest.  He has spent over a month with his Grandpa, working in San Fransisco, and it was time to come home for a while.  He did great- was a good worker for them, and developed a great rapport with My Dad, which I am so excited  for.  He never did slow down the migraine frequency tho’, not even with the better exercise and eating.  He still is running 2-3 a week, he is just getting better at being cheerful thru an episode (how many normal people can say that?)  I was really worried that I would be the dumping ground for all he found wrong with the experience… still might happen, in that spectrum sort of way- but for tonight, he was happy just to get home.  He even let little siblings hug him and swirl around him.

So, I don’t really know how the next while is going to work out- and I’m stressing a bit in anticipation.  But the Lord promised he would watch out for these angels of ours- and I am focusing all my emotional energy and faith into holding hard to that promise, and just breathing… in the “Be still and know I am God” sort of way.  It’s kinda like living in the eye of the storm- the winds are strong, and chaos surrounds you; but inside, there is calm.  This is where I pray I can stay, until the Lord says it’s time for the storm to pass.

May you find your calm center this week too.


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