On a Rainy Sunday afternoon


My Rosemary bush in the rain

This has been one of those humdinger weeks, that seems to be more normal than not I guess. But, you know, as I sit here this Sunday afternoon, I realize that all is well.  Not all is easy– but all is well.

Here at our house, we have had rain all day, in a lovely break from the normal Arizona dry streak.  And we have had the windows open, listening to the sound of  peace raining down.  I find that life is like that too.  Sometimes the storms (or droughts, depending on where we live 🙂 ) in our lives seem hard to bear,  we need a break.  This was one of those weeks for me.  Besides normal school issues,  Dk’s dentist appointment was instantly referred to an orthodontist appointment, making me wonder how a kid who can’t let little pains go unnoticed is going to handle braces.  And then a sudden trip to the emergency room for my littlest, and after 5 hours of boredom in a exam room, an x-ray and an ultrasound, their best guess is just an intestinal virus.  sigh.  By last night I was to that point– to tired to even remember all I knew to be true.  But then to the rescue came the blessing from my hubby– and the strength and peace began again to settle into my heart like the gentle rain outside; refreshing and reminding me that our Savior is near.

He cares about us and wants what is best for us… but just like we make our kids go to school,  even when they find it hard and do not want to bear up  under the burden, we make them because we see down the road and want our kids to have a good ending to their school years…  He sees down the road too.   Yep, sometimes I hate homework too.  But He never leaves us, and sends the comfort and strength we need to get thru, just like the rain that brings new life to my backyard.

So now my heart doesn’t hurt, and the panic is melted away- I’m ready for a new week.  Hey- let’s go play in the rain!IMG_3133

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4 thoughts on “On a Rainy Sunday afternoon

  1. Lovely post! Hope your week goes well.

  2. Debbie Lindman

    Glad your panic is melted away—now can you melt all the snow we had yesterday!?! Had a hard time getting home from church—at least it was Curt’s Sunday off so he could drive this time.

    • sorry for your snow struggles. my kids start missing the snow sometimes- but usually they agree that the mild winter is fair payback for 120 degree summers. The seasons turn. Hope today is easier for you.

      • Debbie Lindman

        Today is a lot better so far—was super foggy earlier, but it’s cleared up. More is to come this afternoon—maybe it will stay farther north!

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