Tiny Celebrations

I wasn’t sure I was up to handling Friday– until a half hour ago.  But now, all is awesome, and I have to share it with someone!

Yesterday, my 14yr old come down with her monthly cycle of fun– it’s only her 3rd or 4th month, and the first real heavy time.  But today, she handled things like a perfectly normal teenage young woman; even remembering to bring her gear to school with her!

This may seem like a super tiny thing to celebrate; and there is certainly very few people I can mention it to…  but this is what I see.  For this one thing- maybe only for this one day- she was “Capable”  and totally equal to all her neural normal peers.  For this moment in time- my heart soared!

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One thought on “Tiny Celebrations

  1. Debbie Lindman

    Yes those days can be challenging! It IS a BIG thing to celebrate!

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