Kitchen Moments- France

Well- our kitchen tour of France was about as successful as I could manage, all things considered.  I tend to cook with a French style of herbs and spices- so it was not that hard to put together a very good fish entree .   I went with Tiapia, and my oldest said it was the best fish I have ever done so far (quite the compliment) and that really helped me to not let my picky eaters bother me. But I was too tired to do the fancy cheese smothered veggies, or the Crepes and all the other fun stuff.  Some other time. (The kids did, however, like learning that their favorites- mac and cheese, french fries, and ice-cream- came to America from France with Thomas Jefferson)


Pan Fried Fish

in a large skillet, pour 3-4 Tablespoon olive oil;  add about 2 teaspoon minced onion, 1 teaspoon ginger, 1/2 teaspoon thyme, 1/4 teaspoon garlic, a squeeze of lemon (fresh is best) and a little salt (adjust amounts to taste.)   Heat oil and herbs on medium high, while opening wrappings on 4 to 6 frozen fillets of white fish (Tiapia or Orange Roughy are our favorites- tho’ salmonn works up yummy too.

Cook till bottom goes opaque then turn and put a lid on the pan.  Check often and turn carefully if necessary- till color is opaque clear thru and juices are clear, and meat flakes easily- outside is ok to be gently browned.

Best when served right away, or refrigerate and make sandwiches tomorrow  (if there is any leftovers)

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