Calling in Sick


Some days I feel capable and strong amid the chaos.  But today,  I just couldn’t do it all;  workload, taxi, health, and kiddy care and counseling.  So Mommy called a sick day- I called all the schools and excused the kids for the day.  They can have one more day of spring break, and I can slow down just a little.  Still had a plate full, including repairing issues that arise from my stress-induced moments of memory loss (totally embarrassing when that happens)  but I’m so grateful for the gift of hubby and family who lets me breathe and take that needed nap, and loves me anyway.  When all’s said and done- that’s the best gift they could ever give me.

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One thought on “Calling in Sick

  1. Debbie

    We all need those breaks sometimes! I put myself in a timeout when I need a break from all the stress of the world. Jerianne is always offer hugs when she feels I’m losing it—and boy does she give super hugs! That sure makes my day.

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