‘Twas the day before Easter

On the Saturday before Easter Morn

‘Twas a sleepless night, now I’m groggy and worn

Cant seem to shake felling lost and forlorn,

Not sure if I want to make it.

So I  called up my Dad, my heart feeling tight

And just hearing his love brings back the light

Makes me remember that things will turn out alright

As long as I keep the Lord at my center


Tired again, can you tell?  But thinking up little ditties cheers me up; almost as good as a hug.

Well, my folks must have been saying a prayer for me- cause I felt my spirits lift soon after we talked- still tired, but when I got home, I was able to council the aftermath of an argument– put a turkey in the oven- then supervise DK hiding eggs (it’s his turn, and will count as a scouting requirement filled) and then get everyone out to hunt in the beautiful weather.   Even Ryan joined the family, tho he didn’t hunt much, he’s not felling well today- but I did get him to eat a little fruit.   Then I sat with the younger three, and colored eggs.  All in all– I moved with an ease I didn’t expect thru more than I thought I would pull off today.   It was a good afternoon, the whole house was at peace.

So as Easter draws to a close, and I finally have some personal time with the kids in bed, I feel a deep deep gratitude.   I am so grateful for family, for their love and the convictions they bequeathed to me just by the way they live.  And I’m grateful for the gift of Love that the Savior gave to us… the reason for Easter in the first place.  His willingness to pay the dept of our weaknesses and pain,  and allow us to try again.  That’s something I need.  I need his help always, and I hope to be able to notice and be grateful for his care in my life.   I still do not know a whole lot in some things.  I have no idea how I am going to be able to make it thru the next month, let alone farther in the future.  But I do know He is watching out for me and my family.


I told him to look up- (can you see the egg behind him:) )IMG_3286IMG_3284IMG_3289



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