The Gift of Courage

I wrote this a while ago- but never felt right posting it.   I think today is a good time.


Courage is gained piece by piece, like a Chinese puzzle box, as we gain the victory over each moment of fear and move on to the next; this is how the Lord refines warriors who have the strength to stand against all the hosts of evil or just daily life….

 This is the Gift of Courage
The Courage to Smile
When you don’t feel well.
The Courage to Stand Tall
When everyone is looking.
The Courage to be Kind
When others are not.
The Courage to be Honest, Always,
Whatever the consequences.
The Courage to forgive
When you are hurting inside.
The Courage to ask for forgiveness
When you caused the hurt.
The Courage to try again
especially when it’s hardest.
The Courage to open your heart
and Love.


-Shard, Jun. 2010

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2 thoughts on “The Gift of Courage

  1. I love this. Would you let me read it in my RS lesson tomorrow? I would do it with or without saying who wrote it. I will talk to you about it tomorrow and you can let me know. Thanks.

  2. Sure, totally happy to share! Do keep my name with it- that helps with copyright issues.

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