A Mother’s Life

This is a letter from my Dad last night.  Thought I would share my Happy Mothers Day.


A Mother’s Life

Often, you scurry around trying to keep up with the little emergencies that seem to be your lot. You have to find the band-aid for the scraped knee. Or wipe a tear when a boyfriend rejects a young daughter. It seems this is all you do. But it is this very thing that defines your motherhood. You must be there for the young one to look up into your eyes and see the love that is there from the moment of birth.
Where does this love come from? I think it must be a gift from God Himself. God took you aside before your time on Earth and laid his hands lovingly on your head and gave you the Gift. He placed in your heart the yearning that was to grow within you until you had children of your own. And the very act of sacrifice and hardship that goes hand in hand with the bearing of children serves to enhance that love. So often, it is that love, sometimes unrecognized, that a child latches on to in order to find his or her way back to God. In the end, we will all be required to acknowledge the great role you play in our lives and we will hold you in high esteem throughout the eternities.
What a position you hold! First, you are a Daughter of God. Then you become a Mother in Zion—A Mother of Gods Children! Thank you for all you do. Thank you for all you are.
Love, Dad

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