Surviving the End-of-the-Year Blitz

Just one week of school left this year; and I’m not sure my kids are going to make it!  The stress from the finals reviews and tests, and the sudden heat wave, and on top of it all, my van’s brake line blew a seal– the kids are shaking and taking turns curling into balls in my lap.  One of those days when I have to swallow my stress so that I can comfort theirs.

So- I opened up my computer, and I feel impressed to find moments  of courage.

Lets see–

Yesterday morning– I watched my ninth grader gather up a smile and get out of the van- fearful but willing to trust mom that all will be well- on her way to give an oral report at school.  Such a tall, lovely blonde picture of courage.

Oh, and Monday afternoon- I can’t forget– was our IEP meeting for Junior High- going to eighth grade.  Such courage to sit with me, and listen to grown-ups discuss all your strengths and weaknesses without meltdowns or running from the room (tho I felt like it almost as much as he did.)

Today, my awesome hubby rescued me- dropping everything to help me get my girls from school when my brakes failed, and now he is fixing them in the garage.  What courage to face ordinary daily trauma.

You know, everyone has had to move thru things today… Even our cute littlest ended up with one of her nasty migraines today.  But we are all standing because we have each other to lean on.  It’s a good thing.  I think, just maybe, we will make it– at least till tomorrow.  🙂

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2 thoughts on “Surviving the End-of-the-Year Blitz

  1. Love this!

    Indeed the end of year trials and travails are Universal. Hang in there Fellow Mother (easy for me to say when my youngest has an intern interview for COLLEGE next week 🙂 ) Blessings Galore, your blogger friend and public school/sped teacher, Shandra 🙂

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