The Power of One


Early morning; not a single person awake in the house besides me.  I love these rare ponder moments.  Today, I find my moment of peace drawing my thoughts back to something I actually think about a lot;  and that is the difference a single person can make in the world.

I  don’t mean like a shining new pop-star, because the influence they wield may change what people wear for a while, but it only lasts till the next pop-star comes along.  On the other hand, there have been moments where a single strand of courage has changed the course of history.  Like King Arther, and Joan of Arc.  But as I ponder, I drop deeper, and I find that there is another layer of influence— and that is the power that the courage of single individuals can have in our own lives.

Take the example I mentioned, Joan of Arc.  I would love to meet her one day;  but tho it was her face of courage that changed France, she was not totally alone.  She had the ministering of the Lord, but he also sent a small group of friend who stood by her and supported her.  People who moved her thru the politics and who she could talk to.  Joseph Smith had his family and friends.  Even the legendary King Arther had Merlin.  I don’t think we could make it thru this world alone.

Some days I am a strong mother… I can cart my kids to all the different schools and doctors that they need, then help with homework and soothe the fears at night.  Some days tho, I can feel my soul shaking inside the shell of my mortality, and I need my own strength to be lifted and encouraged.  I feel the Lord move thru my life, and I try to write those moments down.  That gets me thru a lot of lonely days… and it’s a good thing;  because for me,  loneliness is truly harder to handle than all the pain this world can dish up.  It makes me really glad for the strengthening power the Lord sends me, on the wings of those few who come to my rescue.  I do not think I would ever make it thru this life without the wonderful people that I can call my friends.

So I want to take this rare quiet moment, and share my gratitude to the ones who the Lord sends in my hour of need.  Those few rare heroes, some who are family and some who are soul-kindred, who stick with me no matter how high the storms of life rage.   You are my support.  Thanks.

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