Adventure Update Log

Long week.  I don’t feel very inspiring or poetic, hard to sleep, and then when I do- I start dreaming of lecturing people about their poor care of my kids.  (sigh)  And attempts to sleep-in are gone with Ryan and  DK awake and giggling in Ryan’s room; he’s either playing a game or watching a cartoon- but I don’t really want to wake up enough to find out which.  But reading over old posts helps, it really helps to know that Heavenly Father is watching and cares.

Well, just to update myself- I had my ultrasound this week.  They didn’t find anything big enough to scare them into going for the biopsy– so they said that was good news, ’cause it meant no cancer signs.  It’s been hard to take it as good news tho, cause it means no easy answer.  With my luck, it’s several things at once- I keep having visions of different possibilities, and maybe something else just for good measure.  But I’m not giving up- kids need me- so follow up with the Doctor is next week.

In other news, I tried GF waffles last night (from a pre-packaged mix)  They were a hit, and tasted really good, almost indistinguishable from my normal ones- but Ryan wouldn’t eat them- he said he can’t eat breakfast food for dinner.  (not like I have done breakfast food for dinner at least once every other week since he was born)  Twit is getting more Autistic as I watch.  sigh. Kydee and I had a hard time digesting it tho’, so I’m going to have to read the label and work on that one.

Well that’s life this morning.  Hoping to get feeling better so I can post something more uplifting.  I think I’ll spend the morning working on missionary skirts for my niece- service projects that are also creative works always boost my spirits.

Talk to you later.

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3 thoughts on “Adventure Update Log

  1. So glad this didn’t turn into a cancer scare for you. Hope you have a restful and peaceful Sunday!

  2. Thanks, sweet friend.

  3. Debbie

    Until I was a Junior in high school and worked in a cafe—I always thougtht waffles were a supper food sinc that was the only time I had ever eaten them!j Jerianne really likes buckwheat waffles—for a quick meal we get Van’s waffles froen—but with all your kids that would sure be expensive!

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