Heroic Legacies

Ahhh-  Finally made it to afternoon on a lovely Father’s Day Sunday.    Amazingly, all the kids sat for a family photo, just for a father’s day gift for Grandpa, and they are now all playing in their rooms;  time to sit and relax, watching the movie “Percy Jackson”  with my Hubby- Wow, it almost feels like a date!

Sitting here, thinking of my Dad, and all the fathers behind him- in fact, we’re even watching a movie based on the legacies of the fathers– I really wanted to give tribute to the awesome men that have been a part of my life.  Only problem is, it’s been 15 minutes– quiet time is over 🙂 So, since I can’t think deep or poetic right now…  I decided to do more of a photo essay.

pioneer fam-1996

This is not my ancestors photo, tho’ it would be fun if it was.  It’s us as a young family, working at the “This is the place” living museum park in SLC, Utah.  It was a fantastic summer.  It wasn’t the first time that I felt connected to my ancestors- but this time, I was old enough to finally really understand what they did for me; and with my little ones, I really got a feeling for the effort it took to raise kids well in their circumstances.  Even as a special needs mom- I really have very little to complain about.  Thank you- I am so grateful for the sacrifice you gave to build the foundation of my family’s faith.


This photo is my Dad and his parents and brother.  I would love to sit and upload photo’s like this for all my, and my hubby’s parents and grandparents- but it’s father’s day, so I’ll let my nostalgia stick with just one line of Heroes.  Awesome, huh?  Thank you Grandpa (and Grandma) you raised a great man, who became my first hero.


Faster than a calculator;  Stronger than a a guy half his age;  Able to … to hold babies in a single hand… A man of integrity and valor that gave me the example of what kind of man I wanted for my own best friend someday.

fam play-spr2003

so— Here’s my best friend– a really great father in his own right, a true credit to the legacy of his own heritage.  Being a hero to his daughters, and teaching his sons how to be great fathers in their turn.

And here we are now- the photo I mentioned that we took just today.  A gift just for our Grandpa on Father’s day.  Grandpa- you have passed on a legacy of heroes… The heart of courage to climb the higher path, and the love to move thru the pain, and never give up on anyone.  Thanks, we love you!


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