Letting myself Laugh and Regroup

I’ve decided that there is no such thing as an easy season.  During the school year the pressure is intense to keep on top of everything; getting everyone to their own schools, making sure they are all keeping up on homework and not ditching, and of course the daily dose of counseling disappointments and social struggles,  mopping up melt-downs, and keeping kith and kin fed and clean, etc… But summer trades it for other stresses.  Some from not as rigid of schedules, some from the fact that it’s the only time Mom has to do her own doctor appointments and such… and some just plain from the heat (at 115 degrees, cabin fever is a summer problem down here.)

However- just as during the school year- we fight stress with giggles.  My wise father once taught my young kids that  “smiling makes you smarter”   He’s right… it releases endorphines, opens the lungs, and a whole host of positive health feed backs.  And watching for funny moments increases friendships in the home, and creates great memories for the future- especially helpful when so much of life is just plain tuff.   All that being said– I just have to share a funny moment that has sure helped me deal with this week full of doctors and other long days.

So- Yesterday was another beautiful dawn.  I was enjoying watching the finches.  DK had  come in and kissed me “good-morning” and fixed himself cereal for breakfast.  And I was just starting to think about writing a post on the sounds of peace- when it was the sound of splashing instead.  What?!  Well- in a moment of pure ASD focus- my sweet son had so lost himself in hugging his toy that he leaned head-first into his bowl of milk.   🙂

(another one just tonight- listening to  hubby explain to oldest how an air conditioner works– son-“wow- it’s like math-magic-land… I wish my teachers in school had explained things like this, it would have made math fun”)

Makes it all worthwhile

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One thought on “Letting myself Laugh and Regroup

  1. Debbie

    Yep, need to look for those moments! I really miss a friend who taught me the value of smile therapy. Sometimes I go back to a time that was really hilarious and start giggling—which makes Jerianne ask me what wrong! I think right now I will put that therapy to workk.

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