Happy “Independence”


Guess what? It’s half-way through the year already!  On the one hand, time is moving fast; on the other hand, I didn’t think I would ever get here.  But we did!  July has dawned, and we get to celebrate a great word… independence.

At our house, independence has extra special meanings, because personal independence comes so slow sometimes.  But July 4th really does roll around every year; and growing up really does happen.  Even for my spectrum sweeties, growth comes; and it helps a lot to notice and celebrate these moments.

I remember when our first son was only 2– we went to see a big fireworks show… and he spent the entire time huddled in a ball under my chair with his hands over his ears.  I did not expect that one!  In hindsight, even tho’ I didn’t know it at the time, it was a early sign of things to come.  Now, they all love fireworks; and pilgrimages happen happily -sometimes even in the 100 degree AZ heat.

So- I think I’ll try to capture a few moments of growing independence at our house this week–

funny moment yesterday- DK went “babysitting” (yes really)  As in, the neighbors across the street found themselves with a schedule struggle moment– The Mom had to go and Dad wasn’t quite home yet, so their 9yr old and DK ran here to ask if it was ok for him to stay  at their house till a parent got there (me- “you mean babysit for a minute?”– them- “yeah”)  so I said sure…it’s amazing to me how it feels like it takes an act of courage to jump on the moments of growing up.  🙂  (Those 15 minutes went really well, by the way- DK can focus and act his age in bursts when there is not too much to handle, and I made his sisters stay home.


And (drum roll)  I finally had a completely free morning, and used it to take Brand up to the DMV and get his written test for his Driver’s License.  This time it was his courage put to the test- but I pulled him along, and now we are so excited…Passed the first try WHOOT WHOOT!  That’s 2 boys down, and a HUGE step forward  hurdled  at our house today.


Next week is DK’s scout camp- I’m still trying to get the courage for that one– then it’s the push towards the new school year- I am so excited to not have any more grade-schoolers; my baby starts Jr. High!  I needed that- I will still have 4 different schools to keep track of, and a lot of shuttling– but it’s another drop in my bucket of “they really will grow up”, and I am very grateful.  (happy sigh)

So Happy Fourth!  and think of a few independence thoughts for your family too-


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2 thoughts on “Happy “Independence”

  1. Debbie

    Happy 4th to you! It is amazing what life dishes up. Congratulations on the driving test—that is one thing Jerianne will not be doing. She is afraid with the lights flickering she would not do good and maybe have a seizure. Have to had it to her, she made her choice, which I think is for the best. Curt and Jerianne are off fishing with a friend, so I am having quiet time! Have fun today!

  2. Have a great, quiet day, they are a rare treasure!

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