Love, from Dad

Traveling thru my journal today, to find the encouragement to keep going– I found this letter… I’m sharing because I think it applies to all moms who are trying their best.

IMG_5922_3      My dearest Daughter.
Thanks for the gentle heads up for me as well as Mom. I’m sure it would have dawned on me sooner or later what the calendar day was.  You are truly a wonderful Daughter. You learned well at your mother’s knees; although it’s been a long, LONG time since your were small enough to look out and see only her knees!
I have observed you over the years and you really are a Daughter of God and a Mother in Zion.  All your children will yet rise up and call you blessed.  I love you very much, and yearn to be there with you and all of your family.  It will come soon.  Keep on keeping on, my dear.  Our Father watches, and smiles when you smile and has immense compassion when you struggle, or when your children or hubby struggle.    Always be of good cheer. And remember that doesn’t just mean you have to be smiling all the time.  To be of good cheer, really means to remember the Lord in all you do and say.  It’s OK to be down on occasion.  But then let his countenance shine forth from you and inspire all within your home – and beyond – to look for Him.

Again, Happy Birthday, and all my Love,


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