Getting Thru Down Time (or When the Road Ahead Seams to Crumble)

There should be some sort of cliche phrase to mean “The month before back to school;” maybe it would end up as the title of a soap-opera.  🙂 or maybe a miracle.


This month the phrase at our house would be “Down-Time.”   First our oldest son’s computer fried, then the second’s went down to a trojan horse.  My sweet hubby sighed and took it on at nights, even tho he was fixing major down times at work.  So when my computer started slowing down, I was afraid to say something.  But eventually, it was taking a full minute or more to recognize keystrokes- so I told.  That awesome Aspie just gave me a sad little smile and added it to the pile.  Only asking for extra hugs to keep him going.  He is so good to me!

In the mean time, I have been trying to figure out my own health– I feel like my computer did, so slow and sluggish.  I used to be able to say, “I’ve got my kids clean, in clean clothes and fed and homework done, what more do you want”  but even that is getting monumental.  So while we were all waiting for our life to return to normal, (picture 4 Autistic kids in a house where everything is suddenly not only a different routine, but broke) I took the 3 younger ones to pizza places and to the bookstore and such.  Then several things happened almost at the same time;  I got told all my blood tests are normal, I’m technically “healthy”, I found a research comment on the internet, I found a book, and back to school schedules started getting filled up (I have only forgotten one so far)  But the book and the article have lifted my spirits tremendously.

The article-

is the second time I have read about Special needs mom showing stress symptoms that looks like Battle Fatigue- YES!  Finally a real life validation for how I feel.  The article posed the comment “but the long-term effect on their physical health is not yet known.”  I can tell them… and I found a book that expounded.

The book- “Adrenal Fatigue- the 21st Century Stress Syndrome” by James L. Wilson, N.D., D.C., Ph.D.

the cover says “What it is and how you can recover Energy, Immune Resistance, Vitality, Enjoyment of Life”  and the example subjects in the introduction could be a hidden camera of me.  I devoured the book in just a day- And my first thought was that every special needs mom should be gifted this book on the day her child gets diagnosed. The lift to my heart pulled me thru this last week or so, even tho my energy and health is nose diving– I really am excited, I think there is a way out not only for me, but for for all my kiddies who need me strong and sane enough to help them pull thru.

All things told, I started this month thinking that Down-Time was a dreaded thing; and it is pretty awful–something like feeling your whole road ahead crumble.   But there have been some powerful and some subtle but profound blessings, kinda like a special detour route set up by my loving Heavenly Farther.  I haven’t really been up noticing before, but as I sit here with my fixed laptop, it’s time to look back, and it makes me grateful 🙂 … Our family is not only intact thru the stress, but happy!  And the oldest has spent more time with siblings and also been open more to talking about his future wishes and past learning difficulties, something that very seldom happens.  My Hubby (he’ll credit leaning hard on the Lord) has solved some astoundingly huge problems at his high-end engineering job, even while taking a few flex-days off to solve computer problems at home… definitely in the miracle category.  And I have some directions to move forward- huge sigh of relief.  Oh!, and school starts next week (yay!) so- I bought a few more scooby-doo videos to keep the boys going for one more week, and off we go– Great and Glorious adventures, look out,  here I come!


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2 thoughts on “Getting Thru Down Time (or When the Road Ahead Seams to Crumble)

  1. I am glad to hear that you are finding some answers. I read a book about autism this summer that I would highly recommend called Elijah’s Cup. In it, it notes that autism parents can actually have PTSD symptoms just like soldiers coming home from battle. Eventually the stress builds up and takes a toll. I hope and pray your can make the changes you need and get the help you need. Have a good day.

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