Adventures of a Different Color

Well- The adventures of Autism have had plenty of difficulties this new school year; but that suddenly took a back seat to the adventure of changing the water heater.  But even thru all the stress of mountainous proportions, some good things can still be found- I am really grateful to Mark’s brother for the plumbing expertise.


(the before picture….half-way empty- one bed out and most of the toys and stuff in boxes)

The recovery is allowing for work and rework that has been needed for a very long time this week focusing on the garage and girls’ room–I feel like angels have been helping me have the strength to keep going in a very real way, and seeing the effort and helping has really been good for my kids.  They have all stepped up a notch to help, even if it only meant trying to do their homework without too many meltdown.  And the girls are being great about camping out in the front room.  🙂


I already had a privacy curtain set up, so ti’s not too bad- still, they’re glad I’m hurrying.

Yes- I’d definitely say the Lord has been working in mysterious ways.  Today, though, I couldn’t keep going with the heavy lifting part, so I decided to pull myself forward with a little fun– repairing the mural and adding more and more grown-up bits.   I so needed this- even if I am very stiff and sore today.  So– here’s a few pictures for sharing in the fun.


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One thought on “Adventures of a Different Color

  1. You do really beautiful work! I love your murals!

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