The adventure Continues

Well, in the daily roller-coaster ride that life gives us Moms… it’s been a weekend full of super ups and soul-dredging downs.  Nothing really unusual- but I thought I’d set a few of them down here, so I can come back and find the moments to be grateful for later on.

Saturday morning was awesome!  It was still kinda cold and rainy outside- but inside, I woke up with a renewed idea for Saturday Chore morning, and enough energy to make it happen.  See, for my sweet spectrum kiddies, jr. High and High School takes ALL day- school, half-hour or so to decompress, and home work the rest of the day- so I have made it a long standing tradition that Saturday mornings is Mom’s for chores.  but it has been many more weeks than I care to admit since I have had the health- emotional or physical- to get up and run such a 3-ring circus; and as high functioning as they are- it still takes a lot of mom’s coaching.   But I had a great idea to make a “chore buffet”.  I wrote all sorts of chores on pop-cycle sticks, things I knew they could do on their own on little sticks, and things that would take lots of mental effort on big sticks– and I let them choose, each size stick being worth different amounts of small change. ($!)  It was like lighting a match.  I don’t have the money or memory to do this often, so this was a great morning.  They were so excited to help- and earn spending money for Christmas.  🙂

And of course- the down side was very soon– all the excitement and chaos of the kids really pushed my Aspie Hubby (and older boys) to near breaking point.  sigh.  But I have to say- He is my superhero… He did not blow or meltdown in front of the kids.  He just retreated to a quiet spot till I could contain the energy in the house and everyone settled down.

It was a good day- but took a lot out of me.  It was all I could do to make it thru Sunday- and another down moment.  The Priesthood leaders came up and told me confidentially, that they think my youngest son is just “playing” him, and really can handle things, just doesn’t want to.  Sigh- one of the hardest hardest parts of the high functioning end of the Spectrum. 😦

Well- lots of blessings got me thru’.  And here we are on Tuesday morning.  Today I walked in from morning school shuttling, to a very excited and happy 20 yr old.  His friend called and wants to learn to make movies;  just the jump start we needed to get started re-learning all the things he lost due to his struggle with constant migraines and move forward into tech school!  Can you say wow?  😀  Now all I need is to find the extra time and energy and know-how.  More prayers today, for sure!  But it’s good. 🙂

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One thought on “The adventure Continues

  1. Lynn Parsons

    Thanks for sharing this, and your great perspective!

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