A Funny Thing Happened in My Van…it’s a Spectrum Life

I have been trying to think clearly enough to write about our life and experiences during Gilbert Temple Open house and Dedication– but I was totally distracted last night by a moment that I just HAVE to tell you about.

Last night was the youth Cast party put on by the stake for the kids- a cake and ice cream celebration of a job well done at the Cultural Celebration… it was fun, but the best part for me personally was the ride home.

There is a young man in our ward, a year younger than DK, that was diagnosed a couple of years ago, Asperger and ADHD.  He and DK have been discovering that they have a lot in common.   So I was not surprised when they asked if I could bring him home.  (for all you readers who do not have spectrum kids in your home- it actually went like this: DK-“Have to take J” me-“Did he call his folks so they won’t come and wonder where he is?” J- “I’m doing that right now” me to DK “Can we……?” (prompt) DK-“Can we bring J home?” me-“Sure”)

Anyway- enough back story– On the ride home, there ensued a one-up conversation that only could happen in My van—-

“I have Aspergers and ADHD.”  “Well I have High  Functioning Autism.”  “Yeah, I have High Functioning Autism, but my grades are too high to get any IEP help.”  “Well I have to take meds for my ADHD but they don’t work, we are up to 700m but they still don’t work on me..” (and from the back seat) “I’m the only one in my family besides my Mom, whose normal.”    etc.  It went on for quite a while- till I finally overrode the chatter and asked J if he would like a hint for people skills.  “yes”  so I told him that he can’t always win the conversation, it will make kids quit talking to him after a while.  Sometimes you have to let them win.  “yeah,” he says “but I have a friend at school that always lets me win and we’re still friends….” I dropped it and the chatter continued all the way home.  Sometime next week they will think about it.

When I got home and told hubby, we both were giggling… such is the life in my van.  🙂

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2 thoughts on “A Funny Thing Happened in My Van…it’s a Spectrum Life

  1. Can I just say that I LOVE this? I can so hear the conversation in my head. And to be perfectly honest, your about the only Mom I can picture handling it so smoothly. Nicely done.

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