Happy St. Patrick’s day musings.


I planted shamrocks and little pansies by my front door this year. (Sorry it’s a little fuzzy, I only had my phone camera at the time.)

No more time for Shenanigan’s, it was the end of Spring Break, and back to school Monday today.  Maybe that made me extra tired; whatever it was  in life’s roller-coaster way,  I was starting to feel really overtaken with the blues this morning.   The last straw that got to me, was when I realized that one of the reasons why our ward does not have a “Disability Specialist,” is because they do not consider me to be a “special needs” mom. — To them, my kids are reasonably smart, talk normal,  maybe a bit of a handful on occasion, but they read scriptures higher than grade level and know most of the rote answers; so in the 3 hours of Sunday that they see them- they seem, mostly, just normal.   Obviously, then, I must be handling things just fine.  And I have finally decided that if the Lord keeps helping me,  I’ll be ok with that.  Well, except for the moments that creep up on me like today.   So I was trying to keep a prayer in my heart, that I would be able to find a good moment to put me back on the right side of the track.

This evening, the good moments finally came.

In our funny little family, finding origins and where traditions come from has taken root, and become a bit of a tradition of it’s own. I take full blame; that’s just what you get when you take an Anthropologist and turn her into a home school mom of fairly intelligent, spectrum driven kids, and stir well.   🙂

So it was no surprise to me that our St. Patrick’s discussion at dinner was about the man himself  (I had looked up, and taught a lesson last year, on who St Patrick was:)  then, my oldest had to regale all his siblings- all about how he had learned that in Ireland, St. Patrick’s isn’t about partying or parades, except for the one they do for tourists.  For the people tho’, it’s more like a Thanksgiving day.

In the same spirit of keeping close to original, I made a peasant’s style Cabbage stew for dinner.  And I also tried my hand at fish and chip. (I know- that’s not really Irish, but I was dying to try my Gluten Free ideas.)   The Verdict?  “Not bad” -which, coming from 6 different styles of picky eaters, is a smashing success!  Even more smashing-it was all Gluten Free, and I made up the recipes myself!  (gasp!)    In the confessions-of-an-artist way, a culinary success like this is kinda something to celebrate!


I’ll try to get the recipes up soon.  But in the mean-time, the hyper-rush of a great end to the day has finally worn off.   It’s another school day tomorrow,  I am way more than ready for bed!

Wishing you rainbows before you, and friends beside you.  And may you hold fast to Heaven and your Family.

Lots of love,  Good Night.

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