How to look like an awesome Mom in under 20 minutes- Mini German Pancakes

Somewhere between the regular stress of Sundays, the waning full moon,  a REALLY, hard school-week, and a church adult party last night — and ta-da- my energy level bottomed out at about the same moment that my pain levels started rising (No surprise.)  But along the way, I also discovered a great variation of a family favorite.  So- with very little effort,  Sunday had a tiny little bit of spectacular.   Wahoo!


(this recipe can be made with just 2 round cake pans, which I have done many times, but making them little made all the kids think they were getting a treat!  Makes 24, but it can also be easily halved.)


  • 1 Cup Simple GF flour mix – flour recipe follows (regular wheat flour also works well, same measurement)
  • 1/2 tea. salt
  • 1 Cup milk (any kind- I still love cows milk)
  • 4 large eggs plus 4 more egg whites (it’s ok to get extra yolks in it)
  • butter
  • 2- 12 muffin pans,  or 1-24 muffin pan

Pre-heat oven to 425 degrees F.    Slice butter cube in thin 1/8 inch slices (about    Put one slice into each well of muffin tray(s), set aside.

Add all other ingredients in a medium bowl and mix with a fork or spoon. Set aside to rest for a minute. Meanwhile put muffin tray(s) in oven to melt butter.  Watch carefully to avoid burning butter (about 1 or 2 minutes is all it takes)

Pull out tray (carefully).  Beat batter one last time to make sure it is smooth.  Then with a small measuring cup (I use my 1/3 C) scoop batter and pour into each well, till devided evenly between all the  wells.  Put pan(s) back into oven.  Bake for 12 to 13 minutes, or until golden.


The batter puffs awesomely while in the oven, and sinks almost as soon as it is removed, so if the kids want to see it puffy, have them near when it is freshly pulled out.


I’ve seen all sorts of magazines dress this simple dish up with fruit combos of all sorts, but my kids still love it with the simple topping handed down to my Mother, and then to me– Powdered sugar and lemon juice.  But today, I also tried it with the simple home-made refrigerator blackberry jam I made from an internet recipe.  Both ways are great! (wished I had some English clotted cream)


(I have been trying recipes from all sorts of sites, and I found that one of the flours is not agreeing with my digestion. Not sure which, so I went back to basics.  I’ll test the others out one at a time till I find it, but for now this mix is handling my scrumptious cravings just fine.)

  • 2 Cups brown rice flour – super finely ground
  • 2 Cups almond flour (not to be confused with almond meal)
  • 2 Cups starch- at the moment I am loving half and half potato starch and tapioca starch- the tapioca gives a great browning and crust.)

put all flours and starches into a 1 gallon size ziploc bag, and zip closed, shake and turn till it is all one color.  Mark contents on the outside with a permanent marker.  Almond flour has a lot of oils in it, so if it is not going to be used soon, store it in the fridge to keep it from going rancid too soon.

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One thought on “How to look like an awesome Mom in under 20 minutes- Mini German Pancakes

  1. Debbie

    Sounds yummy—wish I could have had some! Thanks for the recipe, will have to try it sometime when things settle down.

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