HUZZAH! and other moments of Awesome!


I think this morning calls for some fine moments of celebrations!

After a long, trying school year- Summer has finally brought real hot weather- but also real relief.  And it’s time to notice the good. 

To start off…. We have the summer birthdays- both girls, and both milestone ones. Two week ago, Kydee became a teenager 🙂 and today my sweet TeaRose turns sweet 16!!!

Christmas, 6 months old

TeaRose-at 6 months

can hardly believe we have made it this far!  She has sure climbed a lot of mountains this year- I am immensely proud of her courage and love for others.   She is a joy to be around.  Happy Birthday girl friend!

at the Gilbert Temple Celebration

TeaRose at the Gilbert Temple Celebration


(Going Blue for World Autism Awareness day)


It has been good elsewhere too– Here, Mommy caught DK reading Harry Potter (I told him he couldn’t watch the movie till he read the book- hee hee )  he has even started reading it out loud to me when I ask, and has been working on giving each character their own voice like his daddy does.  🙂




Grandpa and Grandma have been visiting- they have been helping me get projects done– we are so grateful! (I’m grateful for the storage places, but the girls are especially grateful for their new reading loft! more finished places to come.)

photo 2

Then my heart was very full last night- not only were my big boys happily playing chess (instead of the computer games) but they let me take a picture too (very rare!)  ps- younger brother is calling for a rematch.  🙂


So- I have to go bake a cake now– but it is a good day!


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