Prayer for the Superhero

Here at the end of a Lovely Father’s Day, that turned into pretty much like fairly normal Sunday,  I can’t think of anything more appropriate than a post from last year.  It is still accurate today, and more so.


Superheroes are not to be found in the spangly outfits with capes, that glint in the sun as they fly through the air.

But in the dead of night– after a long, hard day of work fighting the villains of  OPP (other people’s problems) and striving to overcome their own Goliaths of mortality– they are found in their teenager’s room, fixing the computer through all the wee hours, giving council while he’s at it,  knowing he still has to go to work again tomorrow.

Father, bless my Superhero, the knight in shining armor who swept me off my feet many years ago, and who now blesses my heart with his strength and willingness to serve when it’s hard, and there is no likely end, or obvious gratitude.   Give him extra measures of strength tonight, and comfort and knowledge.  Hold him up in thy power, for his is the heart of a true Superhero.


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5 thoughts on “Prayer for the Superhero

  1. Debbie Lindman

    Thanks, I have often pondered my superheros. Jerianne is perhaps top of my list. The way she has learned to advocate for herself, tell people what she wants, and to say no to the things she knows won’t work for her. The way she teaches people any and all knowledge in all subjects. Her thirst for knowledge.

  2. I, too, am married to a Superhero. My Steve is the Bonus Dad (we don’t like the “step” word), which is to say he “signed on” for the special needs thing. That’s rare. I would love to publish this on The Liahona Project in June when we’re planning a special emphasis on fathers.

  3. You truly have a good husband!

  4. ecd

    Good for you

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