Friday Evening Photo Frolic

It has been HOT this week!!!  With the temps staying in the 108 to 110’s  every day, (remember I live in Arizona?)  we sooooooo needed to get out of the house!  So I took the three younger ones, and let the big boys have some needed quiet peace; and we went to see “How to Train a Dragon-2”– twice.  🙂  Afterwards, the kids told me that I looked like Hiccup’s Mom.  It was flattering, but then I got thinking about it, and decided to see how close they came.  What do you think?


Here she is from an on-line advertising poster…

And here is me; a recent pic, and a younger one…

IMG_3173 1 - Version 2img217

and just because genetics tickles my science button– here is my mom and then her mom.

Mom 1961-1img287

yup- Like a lot of people I know, my family tree is a nice Heinz 57 assortment; but I think the Viking blood romps thru it quite well, don’t you?  hee-hee

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