Going gluten free log-in

Star-Date: it seems like forever… Our mission: to find a way to convince teen and young adult ASD kids that they need to buy into going gluten free for their own health and happiness.

Well- since the doc called a few days ago, I have been allowing the supplies of bread, chips and cereal to dwindle without replacing.  Telling the kids that we are official, with the oldest now dx’d to need to go gluten free, and several more suspiciously the same.  –So this morning I started awesome.  I made two batches of muffins from recipes I have been collecting.  Verdict, the Almond Poppy seed was awesome for the half of my family who loves the original- it tasted almost the same.  But the Banana-Bran was a thumbs-down.  and I managed to do a gf pasta salad for lunch- but by 2pm, everyone was hunting the house for bread or snacks.  I’m well aware of withdrawal issues- but I’m waaaaaay  too tired to pull off a sudden switch.  I just can’t do it all today.  So I ordered pizza.  I’ll try again next week.

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