Adiue to Summer

This week has been a very overwhelming back-to-school week, totally normal I guess.   But I only forgot one appointment with a school councilor, and she rescheduled- so we’ll call it good.  🙂  There has been a lot of real-for-real good too, but I’m still a little scatterbrained with the leftovers of yesterday’s  migraine and a bad case of Angina all week, so I thought I’d just pop in some photos and that would help me remember what I wanted to say.


The very first wall… My dad has an absolute talent for getting young men to help; and when all my oldest’s friends came to see the first day of “real” work (after the garage space had been cleaned, etc.) He timed this important first step to get all the help he could.

Ah yes… It is very, very hard on all spectrum peeps to go thru change and chaos.  In fact the chaos and change involved in planning and prepping and moving toward a remodeling project can even get to the hardiest and most flexible of non-asd souls.  But the goal was visible- and very much wanted- so even tho panic was high all summer,  I am very proud of their valiant efforts to try for self control.  The first stage, my dad worked on getting me some storage in the house, while my mom had the big boys help clean up the garage, and I worked on varnish and paint inside, and drawing floor plans for the new space.  It took 4 re-draws, and a lot of helping kids find quiet spots to hide in and breathe.  In fact I took the 3 younger ones to the matinees a lot more often than ever before…  But the good moments also came.  I found the time to sit each of the two older boys with me alone and talk them thru the process of “I need you to open up and not just hate this drawing- but problem solve with me, tell me which pieces you really want, and which pieces are making you have a panic attack”… etc.  and I have to say how awesome it was to be able to watch them swallow their fears and walls and talk with me for over an hour (each) and really tag the things that were important to them and the things that they admitted to just being a selfish wish.  It was like a piece of heaven for the rest of the day for me- and that night I had the pictures come in those flashes of inspiration… and the plans were done the next day;  just in time to start drawing on the newly cleaned floor, and buy the first loads of material.   After another week- things started to get exciting…


This is what happens when an Artist and an architect/contractor gets together to play.

My sister and her hubby found a rare week when they both had 4 days off work at the same time, and did me the great gift of spending it coming down to our Arizona heat, and helping out.  Her hubby clambered around in our attic (WAY over 110 degrees up there) and strung wire for the new space. IMG_1305 IMG_1306

So I had to reciprocate, and take them out to the Calliope organ Pizza place (called Organ Stop, in Mesa.  I highly recommend it to anyone local- they even have gluten free selections!)


At this point- we all knew that summer was ending fast- but no one wanted to admit it.  I gave the camera to my youngest one day- this is just a few of the great perspectives she had..


Mom doing the mud and tape,  and photo-bombing of course 🙂


getting out all our stress – fun when there is permission to break out the wall (so we can add insulation)


IMG_1331 the angles are  on purpose- what can I say, she takes after me- an artist at heart. 🙂


Grandma smiles the best

And this is where it will sit for a while.  Grandpa is back to work, and the rest will be done during warrior-weekends.   A little escape time for the girls and me; back to school shopping- at the art store of course.  And DK and me doing last minute errands.


And then jump into the high focus of another school year.   Hard to believe they are getting so big!  TeaRose is in 11th grade this year, and DK is a freshman (9th grade!).  Kydee is 8th grade, her last year in Jr. High.  Next year they will all be in high school together!   Wow!

But this post wouldn’t be complete without the little reminders of the Autism world I walk in as my constant companion.    On the very first day of school, the High School provides a great day of orientation and activities for the new freshman.   As I was walking DK into the school, I was telling him that if it got too loud and chaotic, he should tell his group leader that he needed a quiet place, and he said “if I can remember to say all that when it’s that noisy”  Yup- that’s life!

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