Monday Meltdowns


Have you ever just felt like you needed a hug?

I think the worst part of being mom on a Meltdown Monday- is that there is no one to talk to–

Today my second boy, Brand, turned nineteen. This is a good thing! ūüôā

But before the kids were even home from school, we had received an email from the insurance company stating that they were dropping him unless we can provide certain documents -by tomorrow.¬† It’s fixable with great effort, but that sent¬† hubby(aspie) a bomb shell worth of stress.¬† Not to mention notes home from DK’s teacher and a super hot day with my van’s ac out (plus humidity precieeding tomorrows storm),¬† and T-Rose’s poor health that I can’t figure out yet ’cause she doesn’t know how to tell me what’s wrong , my tiredness…¬† Well, by the time the cake was out and candles on it- I had¬† 3 ASD kids (oldest was not up) all triggering each other. ¬† I kept up trying to finish¬† bday evening, but I think he felt very deflated especially since my special day funds are really rock bottom from the remodeling and everything. ¬†¬† Finally had to just call for family prayer and bed time.¬†¬† Yes we have had some moments of good this school season,¬† for instance Ryan is starting to really sound more grown up most of the time,¬† in fact he expressed the other day that he just doesn’t get why none of his friends seem to have a passion for ANYTHING (we were discussing future directions of careers)¬† (Of course, after that he spotted my stack of books on Autism and told me he doesn’t believe in all that stuff)¬† Another good thing was that Brand let me talk him into going in to the DMV last Friday to get his Driver’s License finished.¬†¬† And he passed!!!

But then it was Sunday again, and DK hid out in an empty classroom during Sacrament meeting so that they wouldn’t ask him to sit with the other boys in the Deacon’s bench.¬† Hubby went and found him afterwards, and stuck with him for the other classes.¬† I don’t get out to choir much anymore- it is right after our 3 hr block, and the kids are all fatigued and stressing and needing me and food in about that order. ¬† Then there was a missionary farewell open house last night- those are so hard, even with friends- yes we have Brand’s mission papers nearly done, but it is bittersweet; the plan is to set up a 3-6month service mission, and then see if he is up to rolling it up to a full/straight mission… of course that’s after waiting to see when they can find such a thing.¬† I’m supposed to think this is exciting, but the grief is hard to hide.¬† I re-read my last post from last week, and it helps, but there is no way around the feeling, at the end of a 108-degree day like today, that it’s just one of those “I need a hug” kind of days.


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