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The Night Before Thanksgiving


Twas the night before Thanksgiving,  And all through the house

The chaos has settled, the noise has been doused.

The kid are all cuddled and finally in bed,

with visions of turkey and pies in their heads.

With Grandma and Grandpa,  comfy and sleeping;

I sit here and think- in this vigil I’m keeping–

How very grateful I am for laughter and chatter

The love that we share- those rare gifts that matter.

The grief I have felt when the hard times were rending,

opens the door to miracles unending;

Kids that strive hard, their barriers to hurdle

and show love to each other (and the pun wars kept fertile.)

Thanks to my loved ones who all had their part,

And the Lord’s loving hand to lighten my heart.

As I yawn in exhaustion, my to-do-list shut tight,

Thanksgiving wishes I send, and to all, good night.


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Guest Post- “Why do People go to Lunch to Socialize?”

This was actually last week’s post; but I have been totally swamped.  This is just a comment that came up in our wonderfully Aspie/HF asd life, and it really is too good not to share.

-sent to me- Nov. 13 2014

Why do people go to Lunch to “socialize?”

You wait in a line, to go sit down in a room, where it’s typically so loud, that you can only hear 1/2  to 3/4 of what the other person is saying. You politely nod your head and smile… except when your mouth is full of food, which is much of the meal (especially at a normal lunch hour from work,  since you only have about 30 minutes to eat, after travel time to get there.)

So there you sit, your mouth full of food, trying to talk with people who can’t really hear what you are saying…
And if the table is large enough, then you are lucky to exchange smiles and a wave.  Tell me again;  How are you supposed to be building a relationship if you can hear almost Nothing of what is said?

Add to that the food is oddly spiced or cold or too hot.  Then we have to pay for this stress.  Can you say ‘what a fantastic experience!’    Let’s do this again next week, shall we?  … eh, no…not really.

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Gratitude to Get Through it All

A while ago, I started reflecting on how to lift my spirits, and feel closer to the Lord.  It started when I thought about the comments that start flying this time of year about getting ourselves ready for conference- and I thought, I feel so out of it. What with running kids back and forth to 3 different schools (a minimum of 40 miles/day)  plus the other school and stuff  at home- I’m just so tired.  I mean- there are stages to fatigue;  and saying “tired” doesn’t really even come close.  Tired enough to scream at the sky, or your kids – well, that’s a little tired.  Tired enough to start crying for no reason at all- that’s starting to get there.  Then there’s the stage of walking down the hall at a 30 degree angle cause your brain feels better that way.  Then there’s the no tears left stage. Then there’s so tired that your bones hurt and you start getting dyslexic on the keyboard and your memory feels foggy and worse for the wear ( That’s when you finally overcome your resistance to going to the doctor.)

Well, I keep feeling prompted to get back to the old fashioned “count your blessings.” It’s a good place to be for the start of November.


I’m grateful for an awesome Hubby- who loves me no matter what, and has worked hard to make himself the hero of my heart.  This past month he has fixed my dryer and kept me going in many other ways-  Oh, and speaking of that, I am VERY grateful for Dryers!  Even though I had the opportunity to teach the kids how to string a clothes line and hang laundry to dry  😛  I’m glad I don’t have to do that as a habit.


Ok- lets see…  I’m grateful for the chance to see the Phoenix Temple open house-It’s over an hour drive from here- so we took a sick day from school.  It was very worth it.IMG_1802

I am grateful for my bird feeders– the little finches and hummingbirds lift my soul when I am so tired and low


I am grateful for my kids.  They are growing so much- and I can often catch moments of maturity amidst the struggle.   And I am REALLY grateful for the tiny quiet moments.  It seems like I haven’t had many of those lately.   I  can tell I am starting to move forward, because I have actually been able to think thru ponderings and writing a parable or two.  I’ll upload them later.

So, it’s all good.

–May you have a very peaceful moment or two yourself, this lovely Sabbath day.


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