A Letter to My Sons: Learning to fly- lesson one

What an amazing feeling tonight-  my oldest is going to turn 22 years old tomorrow, and my sweet daughter is at a dance!  I don’t know how they got that old- I  surely didn’t.  I really don’t feel old enough to know how to have teens and more.  :O

But these pondering gave me the chance to work on something I have been thinking about for a long time.  So–here is the next chapter after the “Parable of the Egg”  (you can read it here) (p.s. She did great!!!)

A Letter to My Sons
Learning to fly- lesson one: Principles of Intelligence

Often, the Lord walks the Earth, checking in on his beloved creations.  Most are not ready to know he was there, but there are ever a few great hearts here and there.  One soft evening in early fall, he came upon the great forest tree that had held the nest of the eagle’s egg.  He recalled watching with joy as the egg hatched; and had sent his wisest Angels to watch over the tiny newborn along with his natural, Earthly parents.

As the cold early spring had blossomed and warmed, the eaglet had watched as all the little birds and creatures nearby began to fledge and fly or scamper off.  Summer came, and now he had begun growing fast- needing all the efforts of his parents to hunt and feed their young offspring.  Then, as summer began melting into fall around him, his parents seemed to know that they were involved in raising greatness, and never complained as they left the nest to the care of the Angels; soaring farther and farther in their search for meat.  But the little one often felt alone and agitated.  It was on one of these times that the Lord came to visit.

The Eaglet saw him, and looked down as the Lord sat beneath the tree.  He didn’t feel much like small talk –  “Ok”- said the young bird. “I followed what you said; and look- here I am stuck in this tree; no one around, lonely and bored out of my skull, and no where to go.  Nothing is fun, nothing is easy. It’s been ages!  Where have you been!   I thought you said something about flying.“

“Ah-” Answered the Lord.  “Only the sparrows and chickens get it easy.  They have not the capacity for anything else.  Greater joy, just like Freedom and all things truly of value, only come to those willing to pay the price- the price of the Victor’s Crown, the Price of Learning to Fly.”

The Eaglet stared up at the heavens in wonder. “What price?” he said.

The Lord’s voice was rich and deep, but not overly loud. Yet it carried with perfect clarity to the nest so high in the tree.  “The price begins in simply time and effort, and obedience to the process of learning.  And It  begins in mastery of the mind over the physical body.  Then you will be ready for the lessons of mastery of the spirit, or what will be called the soul, or heart- over the mind.  All together, I will call these lessons the Principles of Intelligence.”

Now the little Eaglet was confused.  “I thought the principles of Intelligence meant going to college.  That’s what everyone says.  What if I can never manage that- am I doomed forever?”

The Lord leaned back against the soft grass, and gazed into the same heavens as the youthful bird.  “No little one.  If that were true, all my loved ones from Adam and Abraham and Moses and everyone in-between would also not be flying as they are.  Do not fear, those other voices are not right. They have jumped onto a half truth and embraced it with full zeal.  Many of them will yet learn these lessons of mine as they grow, not to worry.   You cannot understand it all yet, so I have broken down this learning into lessons.  Steps that will move my loved ones form the tiniest whispers of understanding, into great soaring moments of wisdom and beyond.  Some of these  lessons are had among men as a gift to start the learning process.  Most come from the scriptures and family values that are had among the parents who ask in faith. “

He stood and looked at the young Eagle who had such a great heart.  “Do yo wish to learn them- these Principles of Intelligence?”

The Eaglet felt alive and weak all at the same time; hope and fear woven together in a great chill down his back.  To learn to Fly!!! but it depended so much on himself.  He didn’t know if he could handle that.  OH! But to FLY!  Finally he looked down to the Lord who was waiting in perfect Peace,  “Do you think I can do it?”

“Yes” was the simple answer.

“But I feel so alone.”

“You will never be truly alone.”

“I mean of those like me- eagles who have not yet learned to fly.”

“There are more Eaglets in the world than you could possibly know.  There are many reasons to spread out the Eagle families so far, but for now I will say just that there is not enough resources here in this small space of forest to feed that many.   Be patient – that is your first principle.  Allow your mind to control your body enough to trust in My timing and wait with faith and patience for your parents to do their best in teaching you the skills to grow up.  Sometimes lessons will need to be repeated throughout your life, perhaps this is one of them…  knowing that you can wait.  Then, each time your parents return, watch them; the great ones who I have assigned to start you on this journey.  Learn to feel what they are feeling- their joys and their fears- as your body gains the strength to beat your wings strong and far;  find the way to connect to the people around you. This is called empathy, and is principle number two in your quest, the principle of seeing beyond yourself.
Now I must go visit others, but I will be back to see how well yo have learned this much.”

The Eaglet watched him walk away like any other man- but he was so much more, and had filled his mind with wonder and pondering.  The great wheel of stars above turned as he thought about what he had heard.  In fact he was so caught up in the new thoughts that he didn’t even notice his grumbling empty stomach.  “Principles” He thought. “What is a principle?” As he fell asleep, the young bird resolved to ask his father when he got home-


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