Myth Mashing- debunking Myth-taken notions- High Functioning



Today I am seriously in the mood to do some Myth Debunking.  For this first ever episode of Myth Mashing, I am going to talk about some myth-taken ideas about High Functioning Autism.

First,  I need to back up and highlight a few of the comments that have brought me to this rather feisty mood.  And before I do that, I need to pause for a moment of true gratitude to all who have made such comments and others lately, and in the past– for you have helped me in a very real way to fight my way back up from the deep depression I sometimes struggle with- to a more sure standing position (cue “Rocky” music.)   I also want to say, with huge gratitude, that I am off the medicine that the Dr. had prescribed to try to help me with the energy needed to keep going.  It helped for a while, but not enough to make up for the terrible trouble I started having with my short term memory and thinking abilities.  It had gotten to the point that even helping with homework was barely doable, and blog writing was at an all-time stand-still.   When it started to effect my health too, I went cold turkey at the beginning of January- call it my New-Year’s change. Of course, then I had to go thru the recovery from that.  😛

Well,  O.K.    Now that I actually can think clearly sometimes, I started pondering on some comments that have been weighing on my heart… “you just need to tell your son to grow up/ stop doing that/ etc.(as is stop hugging everyone)”… and this well meaning one, “you need to not try to do so much on your own, get your kids to help”…and this one from right behind my back at a scout meeting “Oh (other teen’s name) I’m so glad you will be turning 16 this month, the boys so need a good example” (you know whose boy was already 17 at the time, don’t you?)….then there’s, “just wait till your girls get a little older and you can take them outfit shopping, you’ll have so much fun” (I can’t count the number of meltdowns a trip like that has, and would cause;  between the crowds, the noise, and being asked to choose something- oi vey!!)   …lately I heard this one,  “You’re soooo lucky that they only have a little bit of Autism”… about the same time as this one, “So isn’t he going to go on a mission?”  but the one that sparked this post was from a couple of very well-meaning sweet ladies who I had talked to a while ago about the remodeling and such that our family started last year, and that marked the end of my ability to keep the rest of my house even sort-of clean– both managed to ask me on the same day, “so, what have you managed to get done on your house lately”

Can I say there were not many tears this time- I’m kinda cried-out.

Anyway– I found this really great article by a fellow blogger mom of High functioning Autism… it says everything I want to say – please click and jump over to her site here   sorry to all who love photos and such- but Autism is an invisible disorder-nothing to look at unless we draw it ourselves, and I left the visual on her site- go look.

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