Happy Anniversary

Well-On this day, 31 years ago, there was a blizzard of not-quite-record proportions up in Salt Lake City.  No one wanted to be out on  the roads… but I woke up that day quite oblivious to the fact that it was still winter.  Now here we are in Arizona, and it’s supposed to be another great day of no clouds and temperatures in the high 70’s (F) or so.

But it’s still dark outside, so it’s not too hard to remember WAY back to a day of incredible naivete 🙂  I look back at the few photos that have survived the adventures life has had to offer and I think; It’s a very good thing we don’t know what’s in store for us, or we would never have the guts to get started in the first place.


But I am very glad I did.  Thru it all, I may have learned many things.  But one thing I want to say before anyone wakes up today, is how amazingly grateful I am to be blessed with being best friends with such an amazing Hero.  When we were young and knew less- we didn’t know any of those fancy words for what challenges the Lord had set upon my Sweetie’s shoulders.  But I did know that he loved the Lord, that he was super smart and had a great and unusual sense of humor, that he never gave up once committed, and that he was committed to loving me.  What a great list to start out with.  I also knew that the Lord had had a hand in our getting together.  These things have given me the courage to hang on for the roller-coaster ride called life.  At this point, I can say that I have learned that my hubby does not like to be surprised much, that he loves Christmas, acting, and dancing.  He loves talking to people and making new friends, he has a good eye for photography, and he has a train-track brain that will not let go of a problem till he tracks it down to the very end and fixes it- which makes him very good at his engineering job.  He also has Aspergers.  My hero has the courage and determination to continually learn new things in order to be a good hubby and dad in our home, including fixing air conditioning motors, car transmissions, clothes dryer drums, unpicking my sewing mistakes, and learning whatever his sons are into;  the humility to say sorry when he makes a mistake, comforts me when I make all my mistakes.  As we have learned together, he has found ways to describe the different and beautiful world he lives in;  and he still has a deep love for the Lord.   I love you Sweetheart,  I am so lucky.    Yup– I’ll go for another 31 years.

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4 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary

  1. Dad

    Happy Anniverserary

  2. This is so sweet. I just love it! Thank for sharing. You guys are a great example and inspiration to so many. I love the picture too. You were a “hot” couple all those years ago…Happy Anniversary and Valentines Day to you both!

  3. Thanks! Hope your day is awesome as well.

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