Adieu to This Moment in Time


the inside walls between the rooms are up-

I don’t have anything profound to say.   It’s just a rare moment; being a Saturday afternoon, and I have a tiny bit of time to sit and write.  It’s General Conference day, and hubby is off with one of our big boys to care for the electronics at our church building… while the other is here helping Grandpa.  We have sure enjoyed the extended visit, and the help he has given us for the boy’s new rooms.

This time round we have finished plumbing, wiring, and the interior walls are framed.  The very excitement has kept us going (mostly) thru the intense chaos of living thru a remodel job during the school year.  I have to admit that I need a bit of a break and a rest, and everyone else needs their schedules re-affirmed- but it’s still hard to say goodby for a while, and put things on hold or at least slowed down till the next visit.


peeking down thru the hole in the ceiling, now filled with the new ac/heat ducting

So, just for fun- and because it will never be like this again- I held our annual Easter egg hunt in the new rooms.  Mini adventures to add to the bucket of good memories. It’s been a very good day.




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