Early Morning

Sitting here

Though it’s not really quiet,

My heart listens carefully, the house is at peace.

Morning air

is still cool, the birds noisy,

singing their love to the world, before day’s heat makes them cease.


Two of my boys are up

one, bright with the morning; one, I suspect couldn’t sleep.

They stay calm

And let the others stay sleeping

Saturday mornings are treasures we don’t lightly ignore.

It’s all good

even tho sometimes I’m weeping

and stress from the day can leave me flat on the floor.

You see

I love them all fiercely

with a burn in my bones that I can never deny.

And in return

I am loved with all they can muster,

And a whispered promise, from a Father on High.

“Someday”, He says,

“They will grow and be strengthened.

“You are doing ok, feel my Love never-ending,

“Never give up, stand in courage, watch for small things-

“The little moments that remind you

“I’m always nearby.”

clouds 4

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2 thoughts on “Early Morning

  1. Tokoni O. Uti

    Beautiful and uplifting 🙂

  2. Debbie

    He is always nearby—-thanks, I needed to hear that today

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