With Love from the Fiery Furnace

Well, it’s officially SUMMER!  Yep- the thermometer is threatening to melt, and we all sigh happily when there is clouds.

I thought I would bounce right back up to speed after that emotional push- but my soda bottle of stress is still very shaken.  Maybe it’s the change of routine, maybe I have to admit to my age (nah), more likely it’s all the doctor appointments that hit (you know, the ones that had to be put off in order to make it thru the last bit of school).

The biggest one so far, was this week’s meeting with the ortho-surgeon, to review TeaRose’s x-rays and set up plans for July.  I promised in my Soda Pop post a couple of week ago to tell more about what’s up in my family; It is now official… This Spring was also a time to be surprised by the rapid onset of scoliosis- 2 curves- too large and too fast for therapies or braces.   It was a good appointment especially from the standpoint of moms that are getting to the point of having more doctor’s phone numbers in their phone than friends;  but by the end of a second set of x-rays,  questions answered about how many hours of surgery (6-7) and days in the hospital (abt. 5), pain control, and months of recovery–  well, she was in full non-verbal shut-down, with silent tears running down her face.  I’m still feeling a bit scared as a rabbit too, but I can’t show it, or she will never make it thru a day- let alone thru the rest of the month.

On other fronts, some things are looking better- Kydee is excited to be moving on to High School.  The room remodels for the boys is moving forward a little bit almost every day.   I have been able to think clearly enough to get going on my scriptures again, and feeling well enough to do spurts of deep cleaning or work on the walls  (still can’t do both on the same day yet).   I started an art project and saw a rainbow yesterday,  and today was one of those desert thunderstorms that you dream about for the rest of the summer.  I sure needed that.


Yup- I think it’s summer for sure- but for now, we are good.

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One thought on “With Love from the Fiery Furnace

  1. Debbie

    Hugs! We have a couple of days before our summer starts—of course with Jerianne at OP I am still trying to adjust to the fact that she is not on school schedule like I am. Thanks for all of your inspirations!

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