Ode to Joy, Next Stanza


A couple of days ago, my friendly “on this day…” button on Facebook pulled up a post I wrote 2 years ago; called Ode to Joy. (find it here)  It crystalized some things I have been pondering for a while.   You know how some things change and some things just don’t in the whole caring for special needs kids routine?   Even the time of day that I have free to write is the same (early am before the house wakes)  I think perhaps that I will always struggle with my health, tho I now have a few fancy medical terms to give people when they ask– Stress triggered Fibromyalgia is a good one, and PTSD (battle trauma- shared by many special needs moms) too.  But as I read that other post, one thing occurred to me that is different- and that is I felt closer to the spirit and handled the daily battles better.

I have noticed this for a while- a real run-down feeling, and I have been trying to figure out what I did different, or could do different to get back to that place- I need inspiration so much on a daily basis.  Then as I read, I realized that I had fallen out of the habit of looking for the good– the silver linings of the day.  So today I am going to watch for moments of joy— I’ll get back with you on how I did.  See you tonight!

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